The Role of Garage Door Cables

The Role of Garage Door Cables

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The cables work along with the garage door springs. Since this is the case, this means that just like there are three different types of springs that we install, there are also three types of cables: torsion, extension and safety.

Understanding the Three Types

Torsion cable

Garage Door CablesThe length of this type of cable will vary based on specific factors of the door, such as, height. It is then spun around the cable drum. This enables the cable to operate smoothly without jerking. Making sure it is wound around the cable drum properly also ensures its safe operation.

Extension cable

This is used on doors with extension springs attached. The cable is then positioned around pulleys and placed on the garage door to help facilitate their movement on the track.

Safety cable

Every garage door should have safety cables. They are attached to the extension spring and help control them if one should happen to snap. Since springs are wound so tightly they will cause damage or harm if they are not controlled when they snap. It is very important that your doors have safety cables and that they are in good working condition.

How Cables Work

Cables are different lengths of metal rope. They are made from looped wires and fastened at the ends of the garage door and cable drums. The cables are spun around the drums and help to maneuver the cables so that they begin to roll up and raise the door. The strength of the wire is determined by how the inside of the wiring is made. When there are many wires used, this will make the cable stronger. Standard cables use seven stands of seven wires, while some use even more wires, making the cable even stronger. If you have a broken cable, you will know because it will be broken or unraveling. It will also hang from the cable drum or it might even be found lying on the floor of your garage. If you have a broken cable your door will be unbalanced leaving it inoperable. It causes stress on other components of your door, such as springs or tracks. If one of your cables has broken, don’t attempt to repair it on your own. Again, because they are so tightly wound, if handled incorrectly they can cause harm or damage if not handled properly. If you notice the breakage once your door is half open, do not try to force the doors to work. This will damage the rest of the parts of your garage door. Also, if only one cable is broken, it may cause the other one to break. The next step to take is to call a technician to handle the problem to ensure that you and your family are not harmed and that you do not make matters any worse.

Why They Break

Cables break and unravel over time simply because of natural wear and tear. They experience of lot of usage and this means that the cables are under a lot of pressure. Once separate wires begin to wear, you will start to see the cable unraveling. This is a good indication that the cable is will break soon. They should immediately be replaced before they completely break causing other parts of the garage door to be in despair. The best thing you can do is to stop use immediately. We are able to safely install each type of garage door cable.

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